The objective of the Functional Materials & Membranes (FM ) group is to develop advanced functional materials and membranes with tailored properties taking advantage of the flexibility of playing with polymer chemistry and nanomaterials. The main focus of our group is on four distinct and interdisciplinary areas: (1) polymer synthesis and new materials for energy storage; (2) nanoporous and functional membranes for water and separation; (3) functional nanomaterials for environment and catalysis; and (4) soft & responsive materials for biochemical and biocatalysis. We are interested in making a unique combination of nanomaterials with functional polymers to fabricate advanced materials and tuneable membranes with the idea that ultimately define the surface properties to control the permeation of liquid, tuning of pore sizes, and functionalization to achieve antifouling, antibacterial, and catalytic properties.


Short-term TEQIP-III sponsored course on "Advanced Polymer Composites & Nanocomposites"

March 12, 2020

We are organizing a short-term course on "Advanced Polymer Composites & Nanocomposites" for faculty members and research scholars working at TEQIP-III institutes. However, participants from other institutes and industry are also welcome to register by paying the course fee.

Anubhav Recieved Best Poster Prize from Langmuir, ACS during CompFlu 2019 at IISER Bhopal

December 05, 2019

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Junior Research Fellow

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

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